Dragon Tales: Season3- Episode9.

Express Yourself / A Snowman for All Seasons
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Dragon Tales: 3x9

Express Yourself / A Snowman for All Seasons

#31001 “”Express Yourself””

Max, Emmy and Enrique all decide to visit Dragon Land after the threat of an oncoming storm forces them to abandon their plans for chalk-drawing outside. Once there, they’re invited to join the dragons to see the new painting that the doodle fairies are unveiling for Princess Kidoodle. As they fly there, Enrique reveals his new nickname for Cassie, Pinky. It reminds him of his cousin Rosa, but what he doesn’t know is that it reminds Cassie of a mean dragon at school who called her “”Pinky Shrinky.”” When Pollynimbus asks everyone to help out at her weather-station while she helps a sick friend, Cassie is so upset at the nickname that her mind can’t focus on the task. After she explains her problem to Emmy, Emmy gives her some tips for letting Enrique know how she feels.

#21002 “”A Snowman for All Seasons””

Repeat of a Dragon Tales story first aired in Season Two.

Mar. 04, 2005

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